Resourceful productivity

Factory based process industries face challenges in effiency and in the right use of the resources. With Miilumachine, you can get a resourceful service concept that will cover maintenance, spare parts, machining, welding, casting, special steels and design services among others. Miilumachine’s service concept will help and make customer’s process more efficient by offering modern machinery and a vast network of sub-contractors in-house. The process industry will benefit from Miilumachine’s durable materials, skilled staff and a production that will scale up your logistics.

A close net of sub-contractors

Miilumachine has a net of sub-contarctors in-house. Their close proximity and modern machinery will help designing structures and strenghten the manufacturing. Customer needs and uses are always valued by each case.

Modern machinery

We constantly invest in modern machines. Quality in work and our expertise in industrial workshop processes will increasy your productäs competitiveness.

Customer relations

Our duty is to ensure your project will function as a whole.

We concentrate in meaningful customer relationships which take customer’s own processed and values into considerations.