Experience and expertise in offshore industry

Miilumachine has a strong  expertise in large scale international projects. This competence can be used in vast projects that demand accuracy and precice execution, such as in offshore and marine industries.

Our products and components are used in cargos, LNG ships and icebreakers. We have decades of experience in making products according to the high standards  of marine industry. This know-how will quarantee you quality and consistency for your end product. Our customers include world leading offshore companies.

Past projects

Miilumachin was part of  Åsgard Subsea Compression Equinor (ex Statoil) project, where a special subsea lifting machine was made for Norway.

Customers included  Axtech AS ja Technip Norway AS.Miilumachine manufactured lifting machine’s tower part and unique pulley blocks. The tower was made in two parts at Miilumachine and it was later conjoined in the Raahe sea port.

“Our customer is very happy with the end product and how it all worked out well, says Martti Saarela, CEO of Steeldone Group.