We handle your project from review to assembly

Miilumachine installs and assembles whole structures for processing industries. We provide assembly services for new structures. Assembling a product into a ready working operation is our core business.

Miilumachine covers services from a review to a final assembly

Customers’ projects are carried out in spacious workshops with a modern machinery. We can provide versatile services under the same roof which will always benefit the customer.

We can provide install services according to customer drawings or you can choose to use our designing services.

Customer first

A service concept that will save you money, time and effort.

A customer will always benefit from our vast production chain via Miilukangas Group. We can cover the entire production process which will minimize the need for any sub-contractor. Versatile production snd services that can be found under the same roof support your project to be made into a fullu working, efficient final product.