A service concept that will make the process easy

Miilumachine’s service concept benefits the customer by offering a production chain that will save your money and time

One stop is all you need

Miilumachine is a part of Miilukangas Group, where companies work together to strengthen each other. You will get all what you need in just “one stop” because of our versatile and vast services.

By focusing various sources into a one, practical entity will make your project easier and lessen your need to use many sub-contractors.

  • Cutting for materials
  • Bending
  • Sand blasting and painting services
  • Surface treatmets
  • Heat treatments
  • Design services

Accurate quality

Accuracy and the reliability of our measuring services will quarantee quality and competitiveness.

We can quarantee to fulfil your highest demands of accuracy by our diverce measuring equipment.

  • Measuring equipment that fulfils the demands of highest accuracy
  • 3D measuring
  • Calibration services

One off pieces and vast projects

As well as offering a comprehensive service, Miilumachine is highly skilled with demanding machining. Miilumachine manufactures on off pieces and can take on vast projects with its extensive experience.

Modern and versatile production and machinery

Miilumachine has a modern machinery, which is subject to constant investments.

Miilumachine has many machining (vertical and horizontal) centers: CNC-operated and vertical turret lathes. Machining is our expertise and in the core of our business, supported by a skilled and experienced staff.

  • Welding
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Industrial installing
  • Demanding and extensive casts, forged parts and welded steel constructions
  • Various processing machines, hydropower, different lifting equipment
  • Steel constructions according to EN 109
  • Silos and tapers

Miilumachine’s work can be seen in many different sectors: at sea, in harbours, as a part of demanding industrial structures and in renewable energy projects.

Safety and environment matter to us

Miilumachine is a safe and environmentally responsible work place. We recycle over 95 % of materials we use. We recycle almost 100 % of our steel scrap. We are also a responsible company living harmoniously by the sea, right by the center of a city.

We are fully committed to fulfill all the rules and regulations accordingly.