• Extensive experience in manufacturing constructions for demanding international customers
  • Partnering with the world’s leading companies in the offshore industry

Energy industry

Wind Power, Hydro Power, Wave Power

  • Demanding machining
  • Modernizations
  • Spare parts
  • Maintenance
  • Big constructions

Process Industry

  • Heavy Industry
  • Maintenance; Turn-key projects
  • Spare parts
  • Machining, welding, casting
  • All special steels and other metals
  • Design services
(suomi) Miilukangas Oy
(suomi) Miilux Oy
(suomi) Miilumachine
(suomi) Miilupipe Oy
(suomi) Rakennus Miilukangas Oy
(suomi) Ruonan Teollisuuskylä
(suomi) Steeldone
(suomi) Finnblast